Juan Alarcón
Juan Alarcón
Comic and Illustration

Juan Alarcón

Comic and Illustration


About Me

When I’m drawing I always have the feeling that I am appropriately taking advantage of my time. It is as if my life were attuned to whatever it is the universe expects of it. Throughout the years, I have understood that many people experience the same in professional areas that, a priori, have nothing to do with the world of art. I guess, for people like me, doing the things we like and enjoying the process and the result is, without any doubts, our natural state. It is then when the world makes sense: when everything becomes so simple that thinking is no longer necessary, because the truth is right there, gazing back at us from that which we have created.

Published Works

"Flesh of my flesh" ZTime
"Knocking" El Arca
"Callejeras" El Arca
"El Soñador que Cambió de Chaqueta" El Arca
"Un American Chronicles" 300 Posts
"Who Said it Was Easy?" The Gathering
"The Outsider" The Gathering
"It's Always the Statue of Liberty" The Gathering
"Park" The Gathering

Upcoming proyects

"Evil War" Ediciones Babylon
"La Amante Cartesiana" Egales
"Rito de Paso" Nowevolution
"El Mayordomo Fiel"
"My New Gun"
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